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my talk with God + how I tripled my income (10 exact steps)!!

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My mess to success story.

It includes living in a cottage in the woods.

10 acres of glorious land on Bainbridge Island.

My devotion to simplicity and sustainability.

A dream to live a lifestyle where I did what I wanted, when I wanted WHILE being kind to mother earth and giving my unique gifts.

I intended to reinvent what it meant to be rich.

I didn’t want the trappings of achievement to define me.

(Here I am in 2007 in the meadow after a fresh snow.)

I loved it there. I loved the beauty.

I loved the small intentional community we created.
I loved shared dinners and authentic connection.

I loved chopping my wood and having my own fire stove.

I believed there was a more essential connection with Source and nature that I could tap, which would create a more lasting and secure kind of wealth.

I found it. Within.

But not without having a reality check about money.

I majorly struggled in those early years of business.

Nothing was more daunting to me than the potential of having to let go of my ideals for living on my terms.

Yet I couldn’t pay my bills. AHHHH!

So I had a talk with God.

I told God that I wanted to know the secret to making money!

That if I really am going to be an agent of change, I need the resources to be flowing with ease so that I can focus on what I’m here to do.

I remember that spring doing one of my first launches.

I tripled my income. WEEEEEE!!!!

It was working.

I’ll tell you right now one of the BIGGEST shifts that happened inside me to allow that money to finally flow in is that I stopped feeling like a beggar to the Universe, pleading for help and feeling ashamed and sorry for myself.

I realized that I was feeling like a VICTIM to money, and that it if I wanted to make more money, I had to take responsibility.

From there I adopted a mindset that turned it all around for me.

Here’s the evolution of the process:

1) I was full of money shame and sick of feeling like sh*t about myself.

2) I told God it was time to show me how to make money and I set the record straight that I am rich and would not accept anything less.

3) I shifted from feeling like a beggar and victim who was pleading for help to choosing to be the creator of my reality.

4) I got compassionately and radically honest with myself about how I was hiding and sabotaging what I said I wanted.
(You gotta take ownership for ALL of it if you are truly going to stop being a victim!)

5) I created the mindset to match what I wanted.

6) I became rigorous in applying Universal laws like the Law of Attraction.

7) I commanded my value, believing there was a mission beyond me in service to my clients who needed me. I took ownership of my gifts and called on the help to package them in a way that made sense and was compelling to clients.

8) I infused my relationship with money and wealth with the sacred tools I’d been using for years, but had not connected the dots that they could work together.

9) I loved up my Feminine — honoring the qualities that I had believed were “in the way” of business — and made them THE WAY.

10) I unleashed my Masculine (in balance with the Feminine).
I took action.
I took inspired action.
I took a lot of action.
I took action when I wasn’t ready.
I took action when I was uncomfortable.
I took action when I was scared.
I took action when I knew I’d be imperfect.
I took action when I was in resistance.
I took action when I was passionate.
I took action when I didn’t know what came after that action.

You get the point. I TOOK ACTION.

Does this help?


I’ll be revealing more about this money mindset and the art of manifesting at Wealthy Goddess LIVE November 19-21.

If you are ready to immerse yourself into a new consciousness that help you stop pushing upstream and learn how to live IN the stream that creates your desired manifestations, JOIN US!

Really. We are at LAST CALL this weekend.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. Here’s more of what you have to look forward to…

Set your tone and foundation for 2018! What will tripling your income next year do for your life????

* Tap into the forgotten secrets & ancient wisdom in the Women’s Mysteries
* Deepen your understanding and embodiment of the Divine Feminine
* Discover what it takes to become a masterful and effortless manifestor
of money and abundance
* Gain clarity and confidence to stand in the authority of your core power
so that your message and voice are unshakably clear
* Grow your ability to be the commanding fierce leader who holds healing
presence and influences audiences just by being you
* Unlock the sensual, natural, radiant and wildly attractive force of the Feminine
* Align your business more fully and wholly to your unique essence and Divine Design
* Advance your walk with the elements and Universal law for greater ease and fulfillment
* Access Source and creative intelligence for ease in producing art, programs, copy writing, articles and more
* Know how to handle the bigger energies of visibility, power and wealth
* Remove blockages and expand into your sacred medicine
* Anchor in your purpose as a lightworker and luminary in these rapidly changing times
* Awaken your soul’s gifts even further so you are masterful at helping others

>>> www.wealthygoddesslive.com

the Feminine Mysteries, sacred blood, wealth & manifesting… AND… my mentor is coming to WGL! (this is a big deal…)

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“Nothing comes into manifestation without the Feminine!” ~ Connor Sauer

OK Ladies. Divas. Priestesses.

Mothers. Queens. Sisters.

Holy transmitters of awesomeness.

Vessels of prosperity.

Carriers of Feminine truths.

It’s time to put a STOP to the crazy quest for more more more by being less less less of who you really are!!!!

I mean, hello??

The new paradigm of WEALTH + money-love is just staring you in the face, asking you to take a good look at the value and worth you already ARE so that you LET yourself be funded and provided for in your purpose.


Enough of the twisted antics that you’ve been taught to use in order to get ahead.

Playing nice.

I know. I’ve been there.

I became who I thought society wanted me to be in order to succeed.

Bit by bit I lost myself in a cloud of disassociated and disembodied separation.

I hid who I was to get ahead.


I felt the stir of what I now know to be the Feminine Returning.

I knew there had to be a way to lead my life and manifest what I desired without contorting myself.

I CRAVED authenticity.

I wanted to make money. A lot of it. But I didn’t want to do it at the expense of my health or my values.

Oh, and FREEDOM. Give me freedom, baby. Nothing less will do for my soul.

And then. The Universe answered my call.

In a series of magical unfoldings, I was invited into a women’s community.

It was here that I slowly let down the armor I had built around my Feminine spirit.

It was here that I met Connor Sauer.

Enough about me. More on Connor soon.

Let’s talk about YOU for a minute.

You are ready to step it up.
You are ready to make a lot more money.
You are ready to help more people.

And you are willing to do what it takes.

Let me get clear.

Because “what it takes” in my book is not
what we grew up with as girls.

What it took thencompromising your body.
What it took thenmaking choices that violated your sexuality.
What it took thendismissing your inner knowing.
What it took thenbecoming overly masculine.

So, sister. Let me be crystal clear.

When I say “do what it takes” I am NOT advocating you continue to BETRAY yourself in order to succeed.

GOT IT????!!!

This is important.

Because women come to me ALL THE TIME who have achieved a certain level of success but they crammed themselves into a box that they are now clamoring to get out of.

Ding ding ding!

This is where the FEMININE wants to serve you.

Connor was my mentor in the Feminine Mysteries (and so much more).

She taught me about cycles. And my “moon”. It was in her leadership that I discovered the notion that my BLOOD WAS SACRED.

She taught me there is a wisdom in my body. That there is a deeper walk of being that I could enter into through listening to myself.

She taught me that creation is to be honored, and through that act of honoring, more would be revealed.

She taught me to be “empty of myself”. To purify and release.

She taught me that I had medicine. And a Divine Design.

Women, I can’t tell you how excited and humbled I am to be in a place — 23 years after my first initiation into the Feminine Mysteries– where I’ve stepped into a collaboration with Connor.

She’s an elder, a pioneer, a mystic, a grandmother.

She is a messenger for these times.

And she is coming to Wealthy Goddess LIVE!

If you feel the call to join us, now is the time to take action.

Both she and I are at an all-time high place of discernment in who we work with.

We are NOT interested in mentoring women who are going to “dabble” or who get easily distracted by the next bright shiny object.

We ARE interested in mentoring women who want to discover a new walk with leadership, wealth and business that is a deep practice of devotion and service.

As she quotes above, nothing comes into manifestation without the Feminine.

What I see for you, soulful woman, is a pathway opening.

It’s a pathway where creation comes to being through you and as you.

It’s easeful. It’s honest. It’s true.

And it’s a model of being that will allow for and attract to you the greatest desires of your soul.


We are returning to our Divine Design.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

my great aunt died, more honesty about my dark night + my gripping fears…..

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Death is a relentless teacher.

It doesn’t ever go away.

Its presence in our journey is real and inevitable.

I’ve honestly had an extremely difficult time with death in the last 20 + months since the onset of my nervous breakdown and anxiety attacks.

MORE on that painstaking period in a minute…

First I want to share the news that my great aunt Lavern passed away the other night.

I give honor and gratitude for her life.

She was the first in her family to go to college and was proud of her business degree.

Tenacious and loyal (it runs in the family), she was the last of her generation on my dad’s side.

(Me, Lavern & my sister in Georgia, September 11, 2015.  I loved that sassy twinkle I always saw in her eyes!)

I love you, Lavern. Fly free.

Her passing and my grief brought me close to emotion that I have not been able to touch in a while without collapsing in on myself.

This brings me back to my reference of the fear of death that surfaced with my health crisis last year.

If you weren’t aware yet (we have hundreds of new members in my community!)

… Last year I was unexpectedly and abruptly thrust into a health crisis that had me completely undone.

I was in Sedona, Arizona leading a VIP day with a client.

The night of our successful day, I was cozied in my room feeling the gratification of another day well spent in service to women’s empowerment…

… and suddenly the room started spinning.

The days that followed were consumed with severe fear.

Heart palpitations, awful nausea, constant shakes & more.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of many many months of symptoms, and the start of a dark night of my soul that would crack me open like never before.

It was an amalgamation of things that led to this break down.

To name a few….

* An ending of a relationship that was representative of a lifetime pattern of losing myself in childhood wounds and dysfunction

* The awakening on the planet that was calling me out to my next level of expansion and leadership

* Unhealed parts that were no longer able to remain un-integrated and stored away in the dark recesses of my unconscious

* The initiation of perimenopause

HOLY GODDESS. I was unraveling.

When my attacks would set in, the terror was unlike anything I ever experienced. It totally gripped me, and I was convinced I was dying.

My nervous system would freak out and I’d be consumed by fight/flight/fright mode. I sincerely believed I was in imminent danger.

I took this picture while flattened in bed.

Why am I showing you this vulnerable picture?!!

Why am I divulging details of my worst times?!!

In some schools of thought, this could be the demise of my business.

I could lose clients as on lookers (maybe you!) pull away from me, unsure if I’m qualified to hold myself together long enough to serve you well.  But the truth is. I don’t give a sh*t.

My greater commitment is to being true to myself.

And if I lose business being true myself, then it was never good business for me to begin with.


I am committed to the NEW PARADIGM of leadership, which requires transparency.

We are drowning (literally in some cases as mother earth does her part in waking us up) in the ripples of shadowy leadership.

We need a new norm in leadership that includes a compassionate space in which our humanity is welcomed and integrity is upheld.

We can’t do this when leaders are hiding in polished pseudo representations of life that don’t even exist.

Not only do leaders get entangled in a web of deceit and lies that inevitability catches them, followers are disillusioned about what and who they can really trust.

So. Death.

Death is persistent. Its pursuit is a gift reminding us of the preciousness of life.

When I was holding a candle light vigil for Lavern, feeling her transition to another dimension of being, I could hear deaths whisper.

“Live, live, LIVE! Now is the time. Don’t put off doing and
being what you most long for. When it’s over, it’s over.”

I am slowly getting to know the teachings of my dark night, including the fear of death.

What I can say for sure is that one of my biggest fears is regret.

In certain times when my panic has taken over and the pressure of “time” feels compressed, I am scared it is over.

I am not ready! I’m not ready to die! I’m not ready to be done with this life.

I’m still attached to being Kendra. I’m still wanting so much more out of this life.

And when it IS over, I want to feel in every fiber of my being that I did what I came to do and walked a path that fulfilled my soul in the most meaningful ways.

I won’t be on my deathbed plagued with regret.

Thank you for helping me see the lessons, Lavern!

Now, sister.

I want you to take this heartfelt share seriously!!

Let it touch the places in you longing to come out of slumber.

Let it arouse your fear of death – not in a panic way – but in a healthy way that helps you keep the perspective of the short time you have here to be ALIVE.

If this message speaks to you and you know that your awakening is in motion at a level that requires more tools to grow your leadership and gifts, take my invitation to join us at Wealthy Goddess LIVE.

NOTE that I’m not for everyone, so please take the time to read the page and make a considered yet intuitive decision as to whether you are ready to show up in your fullness and richness through my powerful mentoring.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps Life is short. Life is precious. Do what matters. Be true to you.

>>> Wealthy Goddess LIVE

the eclipse & the shadow … you can RE-SET!

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Let us gaze at our SHADOW with the same curiosity, wonder and awe as we do the Solar Eclipse!

That is part of its medicine.

The darkness covers what is typically light.

And rather than be threatened by it, we lean in with the holy reminder of the MYSTERY of life.

Our perceptions change as we adjust to a phenomena that removes the routine of time and lifts us into a HARMONIC understanding of  dark and light.

There is a RE-SET happening. It began with a serious cleansing of patterns that are not aligned with your new operating system.

Does it feel like things are worse for you lately?
Are you irritable?
Are you experiencing a lot of body talk?
Are old wounds and dramas rearing their head from the past? (That
you thought you were complete with, thank you very much!)
Are your emotions amplified?

The shadow is at play, inviting you to break the chains that its had on you. The chains are NOT the shadow itself.
The chains are the DENIAL of your shadow.

It’s personal. It’s collective.

What you see in the “screen” of the social & political scene is the effect of shadow. We can judge it, condemn it, blame it, be mad at it. But that just keeps it alive.

We are SEEING the shadow. This is GOOD news.

It’s not hiding anymore. It’s not a secret anymore.
It’s coming to the light.

Compassion, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, love and gratitude are the salves for the shadow — raising it out from the binding realms of the forbidden.

This is a time for you to be compassionately and radically HONEST with yourself!

Enough of the denial and deceit.
Enough with the excuses and attitudes.

What pattern(s) are you done with? BE SPECIFIC.

You have the opportunity to seriously re-set your system.

Get real and surrender to the gift of TOTALITY.

The wholeness of all that you are.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

my white privilege + wealth

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Business “as usual” is impossible this week.

The white supremacists left me feeling disgusted and  sick to my stomach!!

And don’t even get me started on the president’s unacceptable lack of leadership by not denouncing it with the fervent moral standing the event calls for.

(He left the press conference yesterday boasting about owning a winery in Charlottesville. Really??? Are you f***-ing kidding me??)

Chants like, “Jews will not replace us” & “Go the f**k back to Africa” reverberate in my awareness.

The attempt to get to normal day to day tasks? Ah, yeah.  It hasn’t worked.

That’s because nothing is normal. Far from it.

It feels ethically irresponsible to remain silent.

I didn’t want to just message you touting the benefits of creating a lifestyle of freedom this week.

Now, I am not going to do a dive bomb into shaming myself for the success I’ve created.

OR do a 180 and start condemning the quest for lifestyle freedom. (Because the core values are needed more than ever!)


Seriously. Do you really need another picture of me with my hair blowing in the wind on the beach today??

I think not!

What I AM going to offer is the space for us to get real in service to HEALING the divide, transforming the hurts and undoing the deeply disturbing beliefs that lead to racism, extreme hatred and violence.

I AM going to get conscious to what this event is arousing in us and what it’s asking of me and my leadership.

I AM going to continue to ask the hard questions and shine the light on the shadows.

I’ll start with this.

I benefit from white privilege.

My wealth has been made more easily accessible, in part, because of my white privilege.

I take that seriously.

Truth is.

Sometimes I’m ashamed that my success is built upon the history and a system that oppressed and STILL oppresses black and indigenous people.

In fact, I put a considerable amount of thought, prayer and deliberation into my choice to become an entrepreneur and to make more money knowing this.

I resisted becoming successful in the ways I have because I was SO TERRIFIED I would just get swept up in a fantasy world that denied that so many of my brothers and sisters suffer and still struggle with BASIC human rights.

I felt repulsed at the prospect of contributing to the very system that I want to be part of undoing.

Truth is. I do live a life that represents only a small percentage of the population. (And I’m determined to change that!)

Times like this remind me of WHY I took the leap into business in the first place.

After returning from Africa in 2005, I was forever imprinted by the souls I encountered. The poverty and corruption I was exposed to and the reality of people – especially children – living in those conditions shocked me out of my comfort zone.

I came face to face with the reality of white privilege when in Nigeria in a way I never had.

I could see how the color of my skin gave me a pass to reality in a way that the people of that culture knew nothing of.

Sometimes, I felt like a celebrity there. People would flock to me.

There was an automatic power that was frightening to feel.

And, let’s face it. Part of why we were there was to raise awareness and open doors that only could be opened because of our skin color.

When I got back from Nigeria the first time, I swore to myself that I would always stay humble and in deep gratitude for my privileges. AND… not only that … I would USE them as an instrument of change.

I believe I’ve done well by this pledge.
I believe these times are asking for more.

I am evaluating… Am I doing enough?

I’m not asking from the parts like my obsessive perfectionist or inner critic that I still dance with around my enoughness.

I’m asking from the part of me that is a responsible caring fellow citizen and established leader dedicated to change.

Without judgment.

* Have I become lazy?
* Have I become complacent?
* Am I hiding in my personal growth beliefs?
* Am I justifying my success at the expense of others?
* Have I lost sight of the “WE” in pursuing “ME”?
* Do I take my privilege too much for granted?

I don’t know.

It’s necessary to ask.

I’m willing. And frankly, I feel obligated.

I invite you to do the same.

Without judgment.

Truth is. It’s time.

I’m laying flat. In pain.

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In this moment.

I’m feeling LOW as I navigate the heaviness of a migraine again.

I planned on unpacking boxes and nesting more today in my new home.
I planned on exercising. I planned on readying my temple for a productive week ahead.

Instead, I’m laying flat. In pain.

And you know what? I’m noticing a part of me judging myself.

I’m lazy.
I have no value.
I should be able to pull myself together and get
I should be better than this.

Really? Because I have an extreme headache??!!!

Interestingly, I’ve been doing big healing this last 18 +months around self-love and have realized at another level a VERY harsh inner critic. Berating. Punitive.

I cower in her presence. She tears me down.

I hadn’t really recognized how deep and erosive this part of me is.

I just thought it was a normal part of life to live with this punishing voice. I just thought it was “their issue” (It’s been mirrored to me in relationships).

I just filled my anxiety about it with numbing tactics.

Over the decades it’s been a variety of agents–alcohol to dissociation to drama in relationships. Even my travels and personal growth quests at times were forms of escape hidden
in disguise.

Decades of this pattern has wreaked havoc on me. Last year it contributed to a break down. My body and being just couldn’t and wouldn’t hold the damage that had built up over the years.

I’ve also been able to see its debilitating effect on my writing. My book has stalled to the point of great anxiety for me at times.

While the pain has brought me to my knees time and again, I know that this is part of a greater healing.

I’m doing what it takes. Showing up for it.
Feeling the feelings. Facing the fears.

I’m discovering how to LOVE myself more fully and unconditionally.

Wow. I can’t believe I wrote all that. Through squinty eyes and pulsing temples, I took to writing to help the energy move.
(My book coaches would be pleased.)


With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. This too shall pass.

I look forward to serving you this week…



Act like a lady = BS. There’s a NEW desirable Feminine in town!!

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So I just read an article on “How to Be Feminine and Act Like A Lady.”

Suffice it to say, I thought perhaps I had taken a trip back in time to the 1800’s or something.

For real?!

I will be more desirable if I do the following. Advice included:

* Become a make up expert
* Learn to be shy
* Don’t cut your hair
* Smell good
* Do your nails
* Never swear
* Speak softly
* Love yourself for who you are

With the exception of ‘love yourself for who you are’  (and I have NOT mastered this one 100% of the time)

… according to this article, I’m screwed.

I wonder if they have some sort of school that will help me?


Well, truth be told. I’m actually not in the LEAST bit interested in any of those attributes in my quest to align with my Feminine.

* Become a make up expert. Um. I like make up sometimes. I prefer natural. And when I do wear make up, it’s pretty basic. I do admit I like sparkly sh*t sometimes  (Oh, darn. There I go swearing. Check that off the list).

* Speak softly. Yeah, right. I have something to say, and I won’t mince words to get to the heart of matters.

* Smell good. Hmmm. As a hippie gone entrepreneur, I still am true to the values that make me an earth lover. No chemicals. No perfumes. And a commitment to use less water. I may get a little “raw” sometimes, and that’s the truth.

In the interest of time, I won’t continue to dissect the problems I have with all of this “put me in a pretty lady box” advice.

Here’s my point.

I am not proper.
I am not classy.
I am not what you want me to be.

I AM the spectrum of the Feminine in the exploratory unfolding of ever expansive desire and depth!!

Today I’m vulnerable and yielding.
Tomorrow I’m fierce and assertive.

I ROAR in my tiger print.
I DANCE in my sensual dress.

I’ve traded my high heels for yoga clothes.
I value comfort over appearance.

I am what I am not supposed to be.

In process.

Sometimes I know exactly who I am and am led by inner wisdom.
Sometimes I fall apart and remake myself again.

Ultimately. I do what is TRUE for me, casting aside my inclination to care of what you think of me.

When I honor the Feminine according to her life-giving terms, I am in my wealth. When I dismiss or oppress her, I am in my lack.

Dear ones.

It is time to pause your definition of the Feminine.


It is too small for your Soul.

As we give rise to the new qualities of life and leadership necessary for these changing times, let us each discover the Feminine riches thatnwill restore balance and enliven our collective.

In the meantime, I’ll be acting like a lady MY way.

Today it’s doing business in my red bathrobe while swearing and eating quality super food chocolate.

Oh, AND. I’ll be leading “Feminine Secrets of Wealth” June 22, 12pm pacific.

Come PLAY if you want to unleash the power of the Feminine more fully to tap your true wealth and make more money!

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. I’d really really like to help you act like a lady!

I promise I won’t make you do your nails or speak softly.

Come play! “Feminine Secrets of Wealth” June 22, 12pm.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you .. !!

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Don’t let ANYONE tell you what is (or isn’t) possible!!

1) Most people operate from a limited understanding of what we are capable of.

2) Nobody knows what is true for you.

3) Only you choose your reality.

4) You are a mighty being with superpowers.

Too ambitious?

Many years ago, I had this vision. I wanted travel to sacred  land and have clients meet me where I was.

Part of me knew I could have it. A wiser part that felt connected to a natural order that says that..


Last night I confirmed details for one of my Sedona VIP Days. I MARVEL that I get to support stellar women in coming into their power and their prosperity.

Not only that. I do it in stunning locations that elevate us to a greater recognition of what is possible.
Beauty inspires. Nature puts us in harmony with a higher truth.

That’s my vision manifest! ?

Yep. You can do it, too.

The Universe doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t pick favorites!! ??

my thoughts of worthlessness & 3 steps I took to return to my higher power…

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You can change your reality with your THOUGHTS.

Think about it (HA! Pun intended) !!!

I remember when I started waking up to this truth.

It took me from feeling like life ‘just happened’ and believing that I had very little power over my life ….
… to understanding that I CAN & DO have influence.

From victim to creator. From reactive to proactive.

But what happens when your THOUGHTS RULE a reality that you don’t feel good in?

Or that erodes your well being?

Or wreaks havoc on your sense of abundance and financial security?

I know it doesn’t always feel like we are at choice with thoughts.

I’ve sure had my share of thoughts that leave me feeling helpless and and insignificant…. Thoughts that lead me to make choices that don’t align with the results I want.

This last year during my hellashish DARK NIGHT I questioned everything.

Including what I’m saying now.

I felt like my thoughts “had me”.

I would think debilitating thoughts like…

“I am not good enough.
I don’t matter.
I am not making enough money.
I am not safe.
I am falling apart.
I don’t have the strength to get through this.
I am worthless.”

And. I’d believe them! I’d hear those thoughts as if they were TRUE, and spin a reality to orient myself around them.

I’d feel the feelings of those thoughts.
I’d choose the reactions of those thoughts.
I’d take the actions of those thoughts.

I can see now that because these thoughts were arising from parts parts of me that I was healing — the emotional charge and “believability” factor was HIGH. I believed them. There was no questioning them. And my emotions were triggered by them.

I believed I was not good enough.
I believed I was not safe.
I believed I was worthless.

It took a LOT of super-power-might to call forth the part of me that DOES KNOW on some level that those thoughts were not the WHOLE truth and nothing but truth so help me God.

Here are 3 steps/practices that I did that made a world of difference to my sanity… and eventually, my return to my higher power.



One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to practice compassionate observation of your thoughts.

Rather than getting “hooked” into a reality with them… experiment with becoming the observer of them. Watch. Listen. Pay attention.
Even become curious.

See them as a stream of consciousness moving through you and play with detaching yourself from them.

Do this with compassion for yourself.


I’ve learned that pushing away thoughts that don’t feel good doesn’t work.

Denying the expression they have for you will only make them stronger.

(This is what creates Shadow. The parts that go underground and pop out in unconscious ways.)

There is actually a request underneath the thought. When you tend to it, the thought will relax.

For instance, my thought that I am worthless.
I don’t like how I feel when I feel I’m worthless.

It sucks.

But what happened when I TENDED to that thought?

I realized that there was a part of me that really needed some loving. The worthless part was craving attention.

She needed assurance. She needed to know that she was worthy of my presence (rather than telling her to go away).


What thinking matches the reality and results you want?

For instance, if you want to feel abundant, you’d think thoughts like,

“I am abundant. I am opening to greater abundance every day.
I am grateful for the abundance that life shows me.”

I know that this can feel awkward, contrived and unbelievable at times. But. It works. You may not totally buy into the statements or feel these  thoughts as “real” at first. Over time, they will become a part of you.

I mean, really. You didn’t come into the world believing the BS you think half the time now, right? It took time for you to be conditioned to think  thoughts that make you feel like crap and that rob you of your abundance.

So, be patient and stay consistent.

Birthday LOVE! And 7 truths…

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I am still riding the LOVE wave from my birthday.

I’m blessed.

And I’m passionate about sharing my bounty by helping more & more women become FREE!

Seriously. If I can do it. You can do it.


That means we have equal access to resources.

The one’s of the UTMOST importance I refer to here are the resources of your mind, soul, emotion, Spirit and creative intelligence.

THESE are the key ingredients for success.

Here are 7 more truths I’ve come to know.

(1) You have the POWER to create the life you want.

Yep. You do.

Regardless of … your past, your limits, your insecurities, your uncertainty, your ANYTHING. YOU have the power.

(2) Life is SHORT. Don’t waste it.

Really, my dear.

What else can I say to impart the urgency of which your soul longs to live in the FULLNESS of experience that is available
to you?

(3) Your purpose isn’t to PAY BILLS.

Dude. (Dudette more appropriate?) Really.

I know that society’s got you all wrapped up in its trance of scarcity, but I’m here to carry the torch of more.

A purpose beyond ‘getting by’ draws abundance TO YOU in service to your greater offering.

(4) Nobody is going to SAVE YOU.

I know. On some level you secretly want the sexy gallant Prince (or Princess!) to ride up on a magical white horse and rescue you.

Oh, how I remember those days I lamented that I actually had to take charge of my own reality. I get it.

And don’t get me started on how screwed up politics are. Clearly “they” are not going to take care of us.

But sister, let’s chant together. VICTIM NO MORE.

(5) The Universe is KIND & set up to support your success.

I know it’s easy to be fooled into believing otherwise.

Everywhere you turn, media is pumping you with evidence of how scary the world is.

But you know what? That’s just not the HIGHER truth. That’s the inertia of fear. The grip of a threatened power shadow  that will go to crazy lengths to keep its control.

What’s real is the Divine Design of you + the natural design of the Universe orchestrating in a collaborative force for your highest good. When you align, you become magnetic, doors open and the miracle of prosperity is an every day reality.

(6) Change your MIND, change your life.

Your beliefs are thoughts you just have repeated for so long they have become habit. Many of the thoughts you think are not even a match to who you truly are OR what you want.

You change your mind to match the results you want?

I guarantee you’ll be celebrating the most cherished dreams you’ve been hiding in your back pocket.

(7) You need SUPPORT.

Let me say that again to help it land deeper in your cells.

You. Need. Support.

And you know what?

The bigger the vision, the MORE support required!

I’ve got sisters, mentors, coaches, masterminds, accountability partners, my naturopath, healers, family. A whole CADRE of special champions I can lean on, cry to, strategize with and be held up by.

Enough of the, “I’ve got this” or believing it’s weak to get help.

Give yourself the GIFT of walking your path with people who believe in you and bring out the best in you.

Oh, and…

…I announced my Birthday Prosperity-Celebration SPECIAL, & would LOVE you to take advantage of this Bundle of Bounty!!!

5% of the sales go to one of my favorite causes, the Unstoppable Foundation. So you can feel the reward of your growth in connection to helping others.

I’ve learned (ok, another TRUTH here) that the path of success and freedom is a COMMITMENT.

It’s a day by day walk, not a one time inspiration.

My work with women gets results — in part — because I teach a WAY OF BEING & CONSCIOUSNESS.

If you’re looking for the quick fix… well… that just  doesn’t last.


Thanks for playing! 🙂

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

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