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Act like a lady = BS. There’s a NEW desirable Feminine in town!!

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So I just read an article on “How to Be Feminine and Act Like A Lady.”

Suffice it to say, I thought perhaps I had taken a trip back in time to the 1800’s or something.

For real?!

I will be more desirable if I do the following. Advice included:

* Become a make up expert
* Learn to be shy
* Don’t cut your hair
* Smell good
* Do your nails
* Never swear
* Speak softly
* Love yourself for who you are

With the exception of ‘love yourself for who you are’  (and I have NOT mastered this one 100% of the time)

… according to this article, I’m screwed.

I wonder if they have some sort of school that will help me?


Well, truth be told. I’m actually not in the LEAST bit interested in any of those attributes in my quest to align with my Feminine.

* Become a make up expert. Um. I like make up sometimes. I prefer natural. And when I do wear make up, it’s pretty basic. I do admit I like sparkly sh*t sometimes  (Oh, darn. There I go swearing. Check that off the list).

* Speak softly. Yeah, right. I have something to say, and I won’t mince words to get to the heart of matters.

* Smell good. Hmmm. As a hippie gone entrepreneur, I still am true to the values that make me an earth lover. No chemicals. No perfumes. And a commitment to use less water. I may get a little “raw” sometimes, and that’s the truth.

In the interest of time, I won’t continue to dissect the problems I have with all of this “put me in a pretty lady box” advice.

Here’s my point.

I am not proper.
I am not classy.
I am not what you want me to be.

I AM the spectrum of the Feminine in the exploratory unfolding of ever expansive desire and depth!!

Today I’m vulnerable and yielding.
Tomorrow I’m fierce and assertive.

I ROAR in my tiger print.
I DANCE in my sensual dress.

I’ve traded my high heels for yoga clothes.
I value comfort over appearance.

I am what I am not supposed to be.

In process.

Sometimes I know exactly who I am and am led by inner wisdom.
Sometimes I fall apart and remake myself again.

Ultimately. I do what is TRUE for me, casting aside my inclination to care of what you think of me.

When I honor the Feminine according to her life-giving terms, I am in my wealth. When I dismiss or oppress her, I am in my lack.

Dear ones.

It is time to pause your definition of the Feminine.


It is too small for your Soul.

As we give rise to the new qualities of life and leadership necessary for these changing times, let us each discover the Feminine riches thatnwill restore balance and enliven our collective.

In the meantime, I’ll be acting like a lady MY way.

Today it’s doing business in my red bathrobe while swearing and eating quality super food chocolate.

Oh, AND. I’ll be leading “Feminine Secrets of Wealth” June 22, 12pm pacific.

Come PLAY if you want to unleash the power of the Feminine more fully to tap your true wealth and make more money!

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. I’d really really like to help you act like a lady!

I promise I won’t make you do your nails or speak softly.

Come play! “Feminine Secrets of Wealth” June 22, 12pm.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you .. !!

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Don’t let ANYONE tell you what is (or isn’t) possible!!

1) Most people operate from a limited understanding of what we are capable of.

2) Nobody knows what is true for you.

3) Only you choose your reality.

4) You are a mighty being with superpowers.

Too ambitious?

Many years ago, I had this vision. I wanted travel to sacred  land and have clients meet me where I was.

Part of me knew I could have it. A wiser part that felt connected to a natural order that says that..


Last night I confirmed details for one of my Sedona VIP Days. I MARVEL that I get to support stellar women in coming into their power and their prosperity.

Not only that. I do it in stunning locations that elevate us to a greater recognition of what is possible.
Beauty inspires. Nature puts us in harmony with a higher truth.

That’s my vision manifest! ?

Yep. You can do it, too.

The Universe doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t pick favorites!! ??

my thoughts of worthlessness & 3 steps I took to return to my higher power…

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You can change your reality with your THOUGHTS.

Think about it (HA! Pun intended) !!!

I remember when I started waking up to this truth.

It took me from feeling like life ‘just happened’ and believing that I had very little power over my life ….
… to understanding that I CAN & DO have influence.

From victim to creator. From reactive to proactive.

But what happens when your THOUGHTS RULE a reality that you don’t feel good in?

Or that erodes your well being?

Or wreaks havoc on your sense of abundance and financial security?

I know it doesn’t always feel like we are at choice with thoughts.

I’ve sure had my share of thoughts that leave me feeling helpless and and insignificant…. Thoughts that lead me to make choices that don’t align with the results I want.

This last year during my hellashish DARK NIGHT I questioned everything.

Including what I’m saying now.

I felt like my thoughts “had me”.

I would think debilitating thoughts like…

“I am not good enough.
I don’t matter.
I am not making enough money.
I am not safe.
I am falling apart.
I don’t have the strength to get through this.
I am worthless.”

And. I’d believe them! I’d hear those thoughts as if they were TRUE, and spin a reality to orient myself around them.

I’d feel the feelings of those thoughts.
I’d choose the reactions of those thoughts.
I’d take the actions of those thoughts.

I can see now that because these thoughts were arising from parts parts of me that I was healing — the emotional charge and “believability” factor was HIGH. I believed them. There was no questioning them. And my emotions were triggered by them.

I believed I was not good enough.
I believed I was not safe.
I believed I was worthless.

It took a LOT of super-power-might to call forth the part of me that DOES KNOW on some level that those thoughts were not the WHOLE truth and nothing but truth so help me God.

Here are 3 steps/practices that I did that made a world of difference to my sanity… and eventually, my return to my higher power.



One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to practice compassionate observation of your thoughts.

Rather than getting “hooked” into a reality with them… experiment with becoming the observer of them. Watch. Listen. Pay attention.
Even become curious.

See them as a stream of consciousness moving through you and play with detaching yourself from them.

Do this with compassion for yourself.


I’ve learned that pushing away thoughts that don’t feel good doesn’t work.

Denying the expression they have for you will only make them stronger.

(This is what creates Shadow. The parts that go underground and pop out in unconscious ways.)

There is actually a request underneath the thought. When you tend to it, the thought will relax.

For instance, my thought that I am worthless.
I don’t like how I feel when I feel I’m worthless.

It sucks.

But what happened when I TENDED to that thought?

I realized that there was a part of me that really needed some loving. The worthless part was craving attention.

She needed assurance. She needed to know that she was worthy of my presence (rather than telling her to go away).


What thinking matches the reality and results you want?

For instance, if you want to feel abundant, you’d think thoughts like,

“I am abundant. I am opening to greater abundance every day.
I am grateful for the abundance that life shows me.”

I know that this can feel awkward, contrived and unbelievable at times. But. It works. You may not totally buy into the statements or feel these  thoughts as “real” at first. Over time, they will become a part of you.

I mean, really. You didn’t come into the world believing the BS you think half the time now, right? It took time for you to be conditioned to think  thoughts that make you feel like crap and that rob you of your abundance.

So, be patient and stay consistent.

Birthday LOVE! And 7 truths…

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I am still riding the LOVE wave from my birthday.

I’m blessed.

And I’m passionate about sharing my bounty by helping more & more women become FREE!

Seriously. If I can do it. You can do it.


That means we have equal access to resources.

The one’s of the UTMOST importance I refer to here are the resources of your mind, soul, emotion, Spirit and creative intelligence.

THESE are the key ingredients for success.

Here are 7 more truths I’ve come to know.

(1) You have the POWER to create the life you want.

Yep. You do.

Regardless of … your past, your limits, your insecurities, your uncertainty, your ANYTHING. YOU have the power.

(2) Life is SHORT. Don’t waste it.

Really, my dear.

What else can I say to impart the urgency of which your soul longs to live in the FULLNESS of experience that is available
to you?

(3) Your purpose isn’t to PAY BILLS.

Dude. (Dudette more appropriate?) Really.

I know that society’s got you all wrapped up in its trance of scarcity, but I’m here to carry the torch of more.

A purpose beyond ‘getting by’ draws abundance TO YOU in service to your greater offering.

(4) Nobody is going to SAVE YOU.

I know. On some level you secretly want the sexy gallant Prince (or Princess!) to ride up on a magical white horse and rescue you.

Oh, how I remember those days I lamented that I actually had to take charge of my own reality. I get it.

And don’t get me started on how screwed up politics are. Clearly “they” are not going to take care of us.

But sister, let’s chant together. VICTIM NO MORE.

(5) The Universe is KIND & set up to support your success.

I know it’s easy to be fooled into believing otherwise.

Everywhere you turn, media is pumping you with evidence of how scary the world is.

But you know what? That’s just not the HIGHER truth. That’s the inertia of fear. The grip of a threatened power shadow  that will go to crazy lengths to keep its control.

What’s real is the Divine Design of you + the natural design of the Universe orchestrating in a collaborative force for your highest good. When you align, you become magnetic, doors open and the miracle of prosperity is an every day reality.

(6) Change your MIND, change your life.

Your beliefs are thoughts you just have repeated for so long they have become habit. Many of the thoughts you think are not even a match to who you truly are OR what you want.

You change your mind to match the results you want?

I guarantee you’ll be celebrating the most cherished dreams you’ve been hiding in your back pocket.

(7) You need SUPPORT.

Let me say that again to help it land deeper in your cells.

You. Need. Support.

And you know what?

The bigger the vision, the MORE support required!

I’ve got sisters, mentors, coaches, masterminds, accountability partners, my naturopath, healers, family. A whole CADRE of special champions I can lean on, cry to, strategize with and be held up by.

Enough of the, “I’ve got this” or believing it’s weak to get help.

Give yourself the GIFT of walking your path with people who believe in you and bring out the best in you.

Oh, and…

…I announced my Birthday Prosperity-Celebration SPECIAL, & would LOVE you to take advantage of this Bundle of Bounty!!!

5% of the sales go to one of my favorite causes, the Unstoppable Foundation. So you can feel the reward of your growth in connection to helping others.

I’ve learned (ok, another TRUTH here) that the path of success and freedom is a COMMITMENT.

It’s a day by day walk, not a one time inspiration.

My work with women gets results — in part — because I teach a WAY OF BEING & CONSCIOUSNESS.

If you’re looking for the quick fix… well… that just  doesn’t last.


Thanks for playing! 🙂

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. The Birthday Bundle will get you access to …

* The Medicine of Money

* My New Wealth Consciousness Program-includes 3 Coaching Sessions with me!

* Wealthy Goddess LIVE

* Access to 6 & 7 Figure Leading Women Interviews

* Key To Wealth Audio

* My Simple Secrete Supercharging Your Abundance





Dammit. My last day of 46. One of my vulnerable shares yet…

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Today is my last day being 46!

Truth be told, I feel mopey and down.

Not because of my age.

But because I had a great vision for my day that has not come to life.

I was going to leap out of bed with the inspiration to reflect, write, go for a hike and create closure in a meaningful way.

Instead, I felt a flutter in my heart in the early hours that prompted anxiousness about what that meant for my day ahead.

More on that in a minute. I am about to come out about something big.

This is one of my most vulnerable shares yet.

So rather of an ideal picture of me flying high in my bliss through the sunny hillside, you have a real, raw photo of me crying this afternoon.

I know. Not flattering.

But hey.

I’m here to lead in a new way.

And the truth is if you just see me always in the idyllic persona of a lifestyle you dream of, you’ll remain limited in the belief that you can’t have what I have because I am always so frickn’ happy frolicking through this unattainable dance of success.

Not only that.

*What if it WAS just as flattering to cry as it was to smile?
*What if the belief that I’m not as likable in this raw state dissolved into love?
*What if I and WE became a culture of embracing the beauty in all our expressions?

Okay, so back to my morning.

I drove my niece to school. I enjoyed that.

She asked me if I’d be announcing a special for my clients since it’s my birthday. WOW! I was struck by her memory of me having done that last year.

(The answer is yes, by the way. Keep an eye out.)

Anyway, I got home and I felt so UN-inspired.

Then my critic jumped into my head nailing me with all the reasons that I should feel bad about myself.

Geez. That sucks.

Who invited you to my last-day-being-46-party??

Ok. I can do this.

My coach has been working with me on loving my inner critic.

Kisses. Smooches. Hugs. “You’re so lovable, Kendra.”

Gawd. Shouldn’t I be OVER this by now?!

Hasn’t all my healing and personal growth given me some GOLDEN ticket out of these moments for good?

Ah, right. There’s one thing getting in my way.

I am resisting my feelings. I am falling into the all so common illusion that spiritual evolution means that I will by-pass my humanity.

But I am human. I’m not a star. I have feelings. I don’t just glow in the sky!

I have a woman’s body. With a heart. A gushy, caring heart that pours with love for humanity and cries at the most inconvenient moments!

I have hormones that are changing, carrying me from one mood to another with a sense of total helplessness and no control!

Ok. Right. I can do this.

So I’ll get to work on my Birthday Special. That will be fun.

2 hours into the writing… and my computer crashes.


I feel a temper tantrum coming on.

No. That’s ok. I don’t have to react. I can BE with this.

Deep sigh.

Let it go.

It’s a full moon, remember? A time of completion.

And I read this earlier from Mystic Mamma:

*FULL MOON in SCORPIO opens a gateway to our truest depths, where we can really tune into our hearts deepest desires, and gleam our truest reflection.

If we can take this time to sit with ourselves, and be truthful about all we reject and deny, we can uncover, untangle and reclaim ourselves in our fullness.

We are both light and shadow, dancing and meeting each other in each other, to be ultimately reconciled within.*

Ah, yes.

This is it.

The parts I want to reject and deny.

This is the shadow. The more I reject and deny, the harder it gets.

My parts want to be enveloped with acceptance, not relegated to the “bad girl” corner.

I have poured a large amount of my energy and resources into JUST this task in the last 15 months.

To LOVE myself. Fully. Completely. Unconditionally.

That’s what I’m doing in this picture. With the ocean as my witness. Igniting the love of my heart.

Speaking of my heart. Earlier I told you about a fluttering in it.

Well, it started January 2016.

That was the beginning of the health crisis, dark night,
spiritual awakening, perimenopause hoo-haw I’ve been opening up about.

For the 1st several weeks my heart was pounding non-stop.

Through out the year it would return.

With it came something like I’ve never experienced.


Gripping. Terrifying. Undoing. Panic. Attacks.

That’s right.


Seasoned coach. Manifestor. Conscious
creator. Woman of the Feminine mysteries.
Facilitator of change. Catalyst for healing.
Successful entrepreneur. Leader of leaders.

I developed an anxiety disorder.

It feels important to tell you this now.

I needed to come out about it on my last day of being 46 as an act of self love.

I know it’s not your typical “coming out” party. HA!

But it feels good to get that out and be real about this very trying aspect of my walk in the world.

Since I’ve been thrust into this path, I’ve discovered that 18 million Americans alone struggle with anxiety disorders! I had no idea.

What I want you to know is that I’m good.

I don’t need you to pity me or be concerned about me.
I don’t want care-takey messages or attempts to rescue me from the hardship.

I do welcome your witness.

Your capacity to be with me as I am.
Your willingness to sit in the struggle without trying to cover up the awkwardness.
Your confidence that I and we are ok.
Your respect for the courageous woman and leader I am.
Your praise for my ability to be with it and glean whatever I can for my highest good and to – in turn – serve others (you) better.

On some level, I’m stronger than ever.

My unraveling has made me more me.
And I’m even more awake to the preciousness of life.

There you have it. My last day of 46.

Blessed be.

why I do grief work…

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This is where it gets real.

Where the raw and tender emotions that have been relegated to the halls of isolation and shame can finally come out to be seen.

Mothers weeping over lost children.
Men wailing over the state of our world.
Youth crying over unprocessed abuse.

Holding space for this deep and brave work is one of the privileges of my life.

Last weekend we led our bi-annual Grief Retreat.

28 people courageously arrived …

Craving relief.
Longing to lift the burdens of their heart.
Seeking a safe space to unravel.
Secretly desiring to feel sane again.

The truth is, my friends.

This journey of life can be downright HARD.

* And as a leader in the personal growth industry, I believe it’s my responsibility to speak up for the spaces that we unconsciously are making “bad” in our pursuit of success. *


In my 20’s I was hungry for a new way of life. I set forth to “be all I came to be”. To build a career based in passion and purpose. To expand into a joyous existence.

But part of why I was doing it is that I wanted to get away from the feelings and thoughts that haunted me.

I didn’t like how I felt about myself sometimes.
I didn’t like the punitive voices in my head.
I didn’t like the chronic sadness that was following me around.

And I thought personal growth equaled getting rid of all that.

It was an “out” for my pain.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I AM an advocate for the best life. That does include arriving at new wisdom on how to choose well.

I’m not here saying that life is hard and that you have to be a victim to it. That the hardness has to diminish your quality of life.

Or that it’s wrong to want to feel the relief of pain. I’m ALL for welcoming more and more pleasure. I’m ALL over building a reality that feels good to your soul.

But I AM also saying that I discovered pretty quickly that my pursuit of joy was incomplete without acknowledging the grief.

I don’t pretend. I reject inauthenticity.

So it was rapidly clear to me that what some people call joy is really not that at all.

It’s a COVER UP. An obsession with positivity. A spiritual by-pass that actually keeps us distant from accessing even more of the juice of life.

I realized that to feel more joy, I had to feel more grief.

I realized that to be more prosperous, I had to feel more grief.


Because you can’t allow for more life force to move through you in “some ways” but not others. You can’t compartmentalize energy.

You can’t pinch off the flow of your genuine emotions hoping that more abundance will come through.

Emotions are PART of accessing more abundance.
Feelings are a DOORWAY to greater prosperity.
Grief is a COMPANION to increased joy.

Here are some reasons why I do grief work.  Because …

 * I am here to be fully alive.

I don’t want a numbed out existence.
I don’t want to live with regret.
I don’t want to hold back my true self.

* I am here to prosper- and help others prosper.

Our disconnection from grief is a part of our conditioned lack and scarcity consciousness. We’ve been taught that the dark of the Winter and the mystery of the Feminine is scary.
So we impatiently reach for resolve by staying busy and acquiring more stuff. An ability to be content with the simplicity and at peace with the unknown is key to true wealth.

* I care about people and the planet.

Grief is a demonstration of what I care for and what matters to me. Sometimes I’m broken open as I deeply ache for a world in which peace and love prevail.  I don’t know how to stay sane with the suffering that exists without grieving.

* I want to be a more compassionate and kind person.

Holding back grief becomes a barrier between me and “other”. Grief breaks down the walls and creates a common understanding that bonds.

* I am a leader, and unkept emotions and unprocessed grief becomes a dangerous ground for projection and shadows.

I believe it is my responsibility to use my influence with conscious and humble awareness. Too many leaders are unconsciously and  destructively attempting to get their unmet emotional needs met through the perceived power they are attempting to gain.

* It is sacred activism.

Grief is some of the most radical, brave and effective work to help us heal the divides, take a stand for higher principles that nourish all beings and unify our efforts toward a greater good.

* I help people be free.

It’s simple. Grief will set you free.  I get that it may not feel that way while you’re in it.  In fact, it’s one of the reasons people avoid it. It can consume you. It can make you feel completely out of control. It can leave you feeling like a helpless puddle. But ultimately, to deny grief is to deny the sacred, vital and beautiful totality of life.

“Grief work offers us a trail leading back to the vitality that is our birthright. When we fully honor our many losses, our lives become more fully able to embody the wild joy that aches to leap from our hearts into the shimmering world.” ~Francis Weller

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA


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After 5+ years of an incredible journey of a “home-free” lifestyle

…I landed.

I committed to a 6 month lease in a sweet condo in Boise, Idaho.

(Pictured are valued treasures on my new coffee table. Included is a gift from family, “Your True Home”.)

I’m adjusting to a new rhythm.

Part of me doesn’t know what to do with myself!

After so many years on the “go”, I didn’t realize how much my nervous system had become accustomed to a certain anticipation around the “temporary” stay of each visit or adventure.

I honestly get a bit restless, yet know that it’s good for my body, my health and for the focus of my mission to be planting roots.

I am settling into myself more fully.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

How to use your FIERY passion to manifest abundance & get sh*t done!

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What an honor it was to stand in solidarity with millions of women & men world wide this past Saturday!

The Women’s March is said to be the largest peaceful march in the history of the USA.

I marched with my mom, sister & niece – 3 generations – unified in our stance for freedom, peace, health, respect, acceptance and dignity for all.

These are highly charged and emotional times.

It is clear that we are being called to another level of engagement and responsibility to help shape the future we want.

It’s not up to “them”. It’s up to us.

THIS is one of the core reasons I do what I do.

Free women = a free nation. Free women = a loved earth. 

We MUST rise up and command more for ourselves and each other!!

READ ON to discover how to use your fiery passion… and why it’s especially useful in times of hardship and setbacks.


It’s time to get FEISTY, sister!! 

Unleash that passion.

Get wild for your desire.

Throw caution to the wind.

Set your cause ablaze with fire.

-> You want to manifest abundance?

-> You want to succeed in your treasured visions?

-> You want to help change the planet for the better?

You can do it.

Hell yeah, you can!

But let’s get real about what it’s going to take.

The truth is, the path is NOT going to be all rainbows and unicorns!

So if you’re going to shrivel at the first sign of challenge, you’ve got a looooooong road ahead of you.

Without just the right amount of GUSTO to keep you moving forward, you may fall down so flat that you never get up!

Hey, I get it.

I know it can get messy.

I know what it’s like to be on my belly hugging the earth crying & lost in a complete helpless state of surrender.

I know what it’s like to question if I really am good enough and worthy enough to be happy and share my expertise.

I know what it’s like to feel SO discouraged from the rejection of hearing no from prospects or failing in a launch that I just can’t see the purpose of moving on.

I admit I have days where I just want to curl up in a ball and not have to feel or deal with anything or anyone.


Add to the already challenging “human university” an election that gives rise to a president who is unpredictable, perpetuates a culture of dishonesty and hate, and creates divide with his sexist, racist ideology

….and we’re going to feel even MORE vulnerable.

(That statement has nothing to do with his politics. I’m talking about him from a leadership and character standpoint.)

So WHAT’S a gal to do?

==> Get in touch with your fiery passion!

There is something(s) that you are in this game of life for that get you riled up. Stirred up. Juiced up.


It’s part of what gives you that CHARGE in your purpose.

Like you feel you were made for this.

And on some level, you’d feel incomplete at the end of your life if you hadn’t expressed yourself and contributed in the ways your soul intended.

  • What IS that non-negotiable space in you that you’d take a stand for?
  • What IS that fire in you that would burn the trail to make way for its expression to be honored?
  • What IS that core value that if anybody f*+ks with, your fierce mama bear would come out and ROAR?

If you have a hard time getting in touch with it, an access point is thinking about someone you care deeply about.

If you’re a mom, think of your kid(s).
If you don’t have kids, think of another family member.

Imagine someone violating them or even threatening their life.

OH… You’d be SOOOOO in your warrior!!

You’d tap super powers you didn’t know you had.
You’d feel a strength that would surpass prior limits.

You’d become wonder woman!

I know this may be an extreme example, but it gets you in touch with the kind of fire I’m speaking to.

(NOTE: This is not a fear-based fiery passion. It’s loved-based.)

I source my passion through a very clear alignment with my CORE VALUES and a greater WHY.

Oh, I also get in touch with it through uninhibited dancing.

How about you? How do you connect with your fiery passion?!


There will be setbacks…

There will be unexpected twists, obstacles and dark nights…

There will be times you’ll want to give up…

There will be days you just can’t get stuff done…

There will be elections where your candidate doesn’t win…

There will be months you feel stuck and not progressing on your goals…

Rather than shutting down or allowing defeat, I actually USE times of hardship, frustration and anger to fuel my fiery passion.

I mean, think about it.

There’s nothing like a violation or oppression of what matters to you most to help you stoke your fire.

One of the reasons we react so strongly is that we care so deeply.

What we are frustrated and angry about reveals what we value.

So let those energies be fuel, reinforcing your purpose and sparking your resolve to do what it takes.

7 momentous changes I’m making in 2017!! (READ all the way to the end…)

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I’m making significant changes this year.

It’s clear these need to happen for me to be healthy and prosperous.

Some I have resistance to.
A few I am surprised about.
Some were hard decisions.
One I’ve been embarrassed to admit.
Some I’m sad about.
A couple I’m thrilled about.

I’m sharing this with you now because:

* I want you to get you the scoop on my priorities and direction so you can decide if you want to stick around and play!

For those of you on the fence to join my Coaching Program* let this tip you in one direction or the other. (I’m not attached to which one. Just decide from an empowered place.) (*NOTE: Since I wrote this article, Wealthy Goddess 2017 is now closed for applications with the EXCEPTION of taking women for Luminary Path.)


For those of you who DON’T resonate with me, it’s time to opt out.

For those of you who DO resonate with me, it’s time to lean in.

* I am using the power of the full moon and the intensity of the emotions I’m feeling to declare this to be so.

* I am modeling that in order to thrive and live in accordance with the purpose and prosperity we are intended for — we have to make changes. Sometimes we have to make big one’s that are uncomfortable and even unwelcome.


** 7 momentous changes I’m making in 2017!! **

(I’ll save my embarrassment one till last)

1) I am putting down roots!!

THAT’S RIGHT! After 5 years & 6 months of my adventure and experiment in a non-traditional lifestyle, traveling extensively and being home-free, I am going to create a sanctuary.

I’ll be retiring my suitcase as my primary means of relating to my belongings and navigating the world. And replacing it. With. A. Home.

I’m not ready to reveal where JUST yet. My hermit needs a bit more time to fully process this development.

Since I’ve made the decision, I’m noticing so much opening up for me. Among my many delights… to create a hearth! I can’t wait to cook in my OWN kitchen.

2) I am NOT leading my Kauai Retreat!!

WOAH! This was one of the difficult decisions I’m sad about.

I went back and forth about it a lot.

I mean, hello? It’s Kauai! Such a luscious place.

For the last 4 years I’ve led EPIC retreats there that have been life-changing for my clients. Women rave about this experience.

Knowing the value it has for women, it’s been a hard one to let go of.

But my body is telling me to release it this year.

Will I do it again? Honestly, I don’t know. There are new things emerging, and I’m dutifully listening.

(Let this be a lesson in taking action on your desires! I’ve heard many women say they intend to do this Kauai Retreat with me “some day”. Sometimes putting dreams off makes the decision for you.)

3) I am mentoring with SARK!!

OMG OMG OMG! I love this woman and am over the moon stoked to have taken a leap into a precious private mentorship with her.

It’s an honor to be working with this luminary & best-selling author 1:1 (she rarely works with individuals now and — like me– is super discerning about who she’ll coach.)

This is stretching me in ways I hadn’t expected.

I have SO much resistance to the upleveling being asked of me.

HA! It’s a humbling reminder of how vulnerable it is to be coached.

4) I am collaborating with my mentor & side-by Connor!!

WAHOOO! Another thrill.

Connor is the pioneer and mystic who…

Helped me return to myself.
Mentored me as a Sweat Lodge Leader.
Cracked me open to the Women’s Mysteries.
And so much more.

She’s sharing her wisdom, bringing her expertise with Human Design Charts & Readings to all the women in the Wealthy Goddess Coaching Program. And for those in the new Luminary tier, you’ll get to experience her power IN PERSON at 2 retreats.

The weaving of our gifts, our unique designs and honestly –the mastery of our skills together — is a dream come true.

5) I am not sponsoring the Unstoppable Gala!!

WHEW! Another hard decision. I LOVE Cynthia Kersey and her Foundation. She is a beautiful model of conscious business. I’ve sponsored her annual fundraising Gala for years now.

Her mission is near and dear to my heart…
The eradication of poverty.

She’s spoken at several of my events, inspiring my community to contribute and help sponsor villages in Kenya.

Bringing philanthropy to my business is INTEGRAL to my passion and devotion to humanitarian work. It’s also one of the wealth teachings I practice and coach.

I’m NOT letting go of my commitment to giving, nor will I stop sponsoring this event in the future.

I just have to release it this year to be able to focus more fully on the priorities my soul is guiding me to.

6) I am adding advanced spiritual focus to my biz!!

The shifts inside me and in our rapidly changing planet are commanding attention.

I’ve been getting radically honest with myself, having traversed my dark night of the soul last year.

To be true to myself and the medicine I’m here to share, I am called to mentor select women in more of the spiritual tools and practices I’ve walked with for almost 24 years.

This is where my new offer of LUMINARY was birthed from — I am meant to help more seasoned women advance in their leadership.

This deepening excites me and scares me. There’s an unknown in this unfolding, as it is highly informed by the Divine Feminine AND it is a co-creation that reveals as we walk the path together.

7) I am coming out of the closet about PERIMENOPAUSE!!

OH BABY! I’m really saying it out loud.

It’s been interesting to notice my embarrassment about this one.

Interesting and … maddening. Because I know where my embarrassment stems from.

It’s a symptom of the lost sacredness and shame in the women’s mysteries, our bodies and cycles.

I could go on a rant about that. I’ll save it for another time.

Right now I want to tell you that last year, one of the discoveries I made when investigating what the h*ll was going on with my health crisis and breakdown is that….

….I am in perimenopause!

It’s an initiation like none other I’ve experienced.

It’s brought me face to face with new issues and considerations in my changing body — and what that means for my sense of self, my importance and my purpose.

Among the lessons it’s brought me is the absolute necessity to be more impeccable with my self-care and boundaries.

I’m a highly sensitive person, and perimenopause has heightened that truth. When I budge or compromise myself even slightly, there’s a cost. And it’s not a cost I’m willing to risk.

The final gem I’ll leave you with that weaves through all 7 of my momentous changes is that LIFE IS SHORT.

Truly. Life is short. Live it your way.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA


More women must become wealthy to influence the global agenda!

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Money is so loaded!!


Even after all these years of reinventing my relationship with it — and helping other women come to peace with it — I sometimes feel a little backlash of all the “money is evil” ripples in our collective consciousness.

I want to BOLDLY say to you what I know to be true about the importance of you getting your relationship with money straight. To get clear with it. To get the tools to manifest it with ease. To make more and MORE of it.

And, mostly, I do.

But sometimes?  I still hold back.

I hold back telling you how I make more and more money myself.

I’m afraid you’re going to think I’m just a money-hungry self-interested business woman.  

I hold back telling you how I help clients make more and more money.

In 2016…

I had 2 clients break the 6-figure mark, one client break the 7-figure mark, 2 clients double their income, and one client TRIPLE  her income!

See what I mean?

THAT is how distorted our relationship with money is in this society.

We want it. We obsess about it. We give our power to it.

Yet we also reject it. We resent it. We repel it.

So, I was thinking about this yesterday, wanting to lovingly “get in your face” about YOU making more of it in 2017.

Because what I know in my bones is that the future of  this world will be built  — in part — on women making money.

And JUST then…. I get this message from Connor.

Connor, my mentor and collaborator for my Wealthy Goddess Coaching Program 2017, brilliantly said:

“The importance of your work is that money interests are
taking over the world, and that means that more women must
become wealthy in all ways, including beneficent consciousness
for all, in order to influence the global agenda of how business
works. Women working with you is IMPERATIVE for our times.

It is greater than just each woman living her own agenda and lovely
life. Our planet needs all awake and deeply informed women on 
deck NOW. The call to this work is a mission for those with GREAT
COURAGE, in service to the beauty way, life that supports life, living
our own true divine design, making the contribution we were born, in
potential, to make.”


That is what I’m talking about.

Let me highlight key points again:

  • Money interests are taking over the world
  • More women must become wealthy in all ways in order to influence the global agenda
  • Women working with you is IMPERATIVE for our times
  • It is greater than just each woman living her own agenda and lovely life
  • Our planet needs all awake and deeply informed women on deck NOW

===> The call to this work is a mission for those with GREAT COURAGE, in service to the beauty way, life that supports life, living our own true divine design, making the contribution we were born, in potential, to make,

THIS is the work I’m inviting you to step into.

I am mentoring a limited number women in this exact mission.

It’s time…Join the Wealthy Goddess Coaching Program 2017.

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. Yes, YOUR WEALTH changes the world.