I love my Prosperity team!

Meet the fabulous women “behind the scenes” who help me make it happen.


tammi-simsTammi Sims

Tammi is my Queen of Everything that Matters. She is my Retreat & Event Producer, side-by visionary, detail weaver, and much more.

She is the founder of “A Gracious Host” – a company whose mission is to inspire and encourage the art of soulful transformative hospitality to bring more peace, harmony, joy and magic to the world – one act of hospitality at a time; and she has delivered on her mission at every one of my retreats.

In addition to event and retreat coordination, Tammi offers consultation and support for vacation rental hosts, focusing on designing space and communication for maximum guest satisfaction. She is also an Airbnb Super Host and is sought after for her innovation and leadership.  She was a featured speaker at the 2015 Airbnb Open in Paris and at the 2016 Vacation Rental Success Summit in Toronto, and will be speaking at the upcoming 2016 Airbnb Open in Los Angeles and at the 2016 Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona.

Tammi melds a unique aptitude for creativity and the ability to see the “big picture” with a solid attention to detail and excellent time management skills. She is the visionary and organizer elevating many successful projects, organizations and leaders. She has a reputation for being a class act (which is why she’s on my team!) and is known for her intentional approach to turning an environment into a place that soothes the soul. One of my Wealthy Goddess Clients says, “She can’t help but be the consummate host, an amazing logistics coordinator and the most talented curator of place, space, mind, body and soul.”

With a degree in Health and Human Development, she’s had a 20 + year successful career in the human services field and served in key administration and senior management roles.  Tammi has created training and conference curriculum directed at staff development, best practices and quality improvement for organizations; presenting for locals groups and at national and international conferences. She’s also created, planned and managed of a wide range of events including training, fundraising, conferences and community gatherings, and assisted individuals and organizations with strategic planning.

Tammi and her partner Alex split their time between their homes in Seattle, San Francisco and New Zealand. She is an avid traveler, lover of dogs and can be found wandering the woods or spending quality time with friends and family when not engaged in her consulting practice.


Angee-RobertsonAngee Robertson

Angee is my wonderful assistant, “get stuff done” woman, and handles much of the day-to-day operations for my company.

Angee is a graduate of AssistU virtual assistance training program and president of AngeeRobertson.com. Angee works with several clients all over the United States, including The Coaches Console. She understands her clients angst of being a small business owner because she owns her own business. Her clients refer to her as an “administrative partner” because she helps them to focus on what they love while she helps maintain the day-to-day operations. Angee has over 20 years experience in the administrative and customer service areas. She has provided support in areas such as contact management, client follow-up, on-line registration, desktop publishing, e-zine development and web site design/maintenance just to name a few. Angee understands the importance of building relationships with her clients to help them further their business and also allow her full creative expression!


DraiDeanna “Drai” Turner

Drai is my fiery, compelling, big-hearted, hillarious designer. Our sacred sisterhood goes back many years, and I’m honored to have her powerful talent on my team.

After 25 years in retail store-planning, design and development, for corporations such as Gaiam, in 2001 Drai launched Wild Redhead Design. Her creative solutions, speed and innovative vision as designer and brand manager have been sought after by a diverse culture ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to urban entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships.

The underlying spirit to Drai’s joy and success is rooted in freelancing for conscious clients, visionary people walking gently and passionately on Mother Earth. Drai believes Team, Community, Unity and Purpose define a holistic recipe for actionable, dynamic and sustainable business.

Happily living in a cottage in Birch Bay, Washington, she is a ceremonialist, a sacred singer, drummer, foodie mother and grandmother. And loves to hunt and fish with her “Grizzly Adams-ish” man!


JessicaJessica Reagan Salzman

Jessica is my number Goddess. She packs a high vibration, beautifully blending heart and money.

Jessica Reagan Salzman works with small business owners who love what they do, but can’t keep up with managing the numbers side of their business.  As founder of Heart Based Bookkeeping, she helps her clients to identify and solve both their practical and emotional challenges of making and managing money.  Jess’s unique approach includes not only the “nuts and bolts” aspect of having a monthly accounting system that works for them instead of against them, but also in facing and sorting through the feelings that are holding them back when it comes to financial security and success.



LindsayLindsay A. Miller

Lindsay is my extraordinary photographer and videographer. It is her talent behind most of the HOT pics on my site that has built my brand. We also partner to help my clients uplevel their visibility, confidence and platform. She’s been at my retreats & events in California, Sedona and Kauai. She’s a delightful spirit and I’m honored to call her friend.

Lindsay is the owner of The Marketing Photographer. She helps coaches, consultants, and speakers who have a big message and a big mission, and who are ready to take their business to the next level. Together with her clients she creates outstanding photographs which sell them and their business by aligning their message with their visual brand and make them look like a million dollar business owner. After a successful career as an award -winning photojournalist, Lindsay now uses her skills at visual story-telling to make images that help her clients change their world.


LuLucinda Rae Kinch

Lucinda is the talented and creative designer who created my website & visual branding, having guided me through the “Prosperity Branding” process. She is gifted at translating vision and message into an art that communicates beyond words.

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist, brand designer of 15 years, website alchemist and Founder of Prosperity Branding. She crafts stunning visual brands with artful visionary graphics, iconic personal brand portrait photography, and savvy websites for Goddessprenuers and upcoming Spiritual Celebrities from her Goddess Archetypal process to help them shine confidently, attract thousands of ideal clients, manifest luxury, and turn their life into gold. Lucinda lives in sunshiny Ojai, California, where she loves making goddess artwork, activating her inner priestess, and breaking between clients with belly dance moves and sipping tea with homemade almond milk.



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