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Put your money stress
to an end once and for all

and get on with the purpose and
you are here for!

(Without compromising your soul or being someone you're not.)
  • Are you ready to step into the next level but every time you try, you are sabotaged by money issues?

  • Do you want to make a big difference but you're playing small because of your money struggles?

  • Are you ready to actually make the money you deserve?

  • Do you keep wrestling between your spiritual ideals & material desires? (so you make little money to be "spiritual' or make a lot of money but feel trapped)

  • Would you like to heal your money wounds so you stop wasting time & money trying to find the "magic pill"? (which never works and you just find the old stuff rearing its head again)


Kendra E ThornburyI'm Kendra and I'm going to get real honest, real fast. (I don't want to waste your time.)

If you are distracted, stressed, overwhelmed, or pre-occupied by money, you are a slave to it.

I know, it's a big claim.

But here's the deal. Everywhere I turn I see talented, skilled, conscious entrepreneurs and leaders like yourself stressing and suffering over money. You're either just getting by, making a lot of money but feeling trapped, or frustrated because you can't seem to break the money ceiling.

I'm sick of it.

I want more for you. And there IS more for you. A lot more!

The problem is that most people (yes, including you) are going about their money pain the WRONG WAY.

You think that if you just get more money, everything will be fine. It's not true.

Listen, you and I both know that you've been taught self-defeating money habits (if you hadn't, you wouldn't be here, right?). Don't worry, you're not the only one. In fact, I'd say we've got a big fat crisis on our hands.

Kendra - Machu PicchuThe thing is, no one has ever taught you how to end — once and for all — the self-sabotaging money habits that keep you from growing your business and creating the kind of security and freedom you want.

Just a few short years ago, money was a constant struggle for me (I can recall the restless long nights).

I couldn't even pay my bills month to month without feeling terrified about where my next dollar would come from. Now, I am 6-figure highly sought after coach with multiple streams of income living my dream life style. (WAHOOO!)

And now I want to share what I know with you. These are the strategies that I used to take a quantum leap from worrying about where the money would come from to pay the rent, to experiencing the joy and freedom of an endless stream of grace and good fortune flowing in.

Medicine of Money

In order to make the money you deserve doing what you love, you need to get to the source of what your money woes are about. You can't just cover them up with some scheme or quick fix magic pill. You can't just keep investing in systems to build your business without having the inner system mastered.

This is a 4 week course that will get beneath the surface and illuminate limited beliefs & patterns in a way that is surprisingly easy. You will transform your relationship with money, and move forward with a new understanding of the power you have with it so you can become a magnet to money.

This journey is a radical new approach.

You know this course is for you if you are ready to delve into the heart of the matter. You want rapid results that come from devotion to depth. You want immediate relief from doing what just plain works. (It's not as complicated as you think)

The word medicine is derived from the Latin ars medicinal, meaning the art of healing. To heal is to "restore to health or soundness, to "set right or repair".

The Medicine of Money will offer you the art of healing, in service to relieving your money pain and putting you in full alignment with the wealth that is your birthright.

You can learn more systems to build your business, get more worksheets to create budgets, purchase the latest software for money tracking.... all of which are sound strategies for up-leveling your money health.

BUT, if you don't get to the CAUSE of creation, you will just keep spinning your wheels.

Once you learn these brand new money secrets, you will feel a big dose of medicine -- a sweet salve that finally puts an end to your money pain. What I provide you with you can use the rest of your life.

Here's a Sampling of What I'll Cover in DETAIL during this groundbreaking course....


The Surprising
Power Of Money
Why money can be the greatest healing force in your life (even though it may feel like the source of all your problems)
What your money struggles are trying to tell you (that if you "get" will actually help you make more of it!)
How your money struggles are a gift to your greatness
The one technique I use every day that has been vital to shifting from scarcity & lack into abundance & fortune (it's easy to use- you can do it, too!)
The sure-fire approach to transcending your money pain


The Shadow
Of Money
How the "dark side" of money is actually your ally (that means it's your friend & will help you!)
The secret key to unlocking your riches once and for all
How to END the fight with your secret shame around money (which blocks you from from letting money in)
How to authentically stand in your power and liberate your relationship with money so that you use it for the purpose it is intended
A simple process to illuminate HIDDEN money shadows (that once you understand will no longer sabotage your success) 
How to get control of your biggest money leaks


Your Money-Soul Lesson: The Hidden Purpose In Your Pain
The ONE thing that can immediately alleviate your money pain
What you need to believe about yourself so you stop accepting "getting by" andstart charging the value that you and your offerings are worth
What you can lean into again and again so you banish your worries that you will never have enough money or resources make more with less work (you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself)
How to END the scarcity syndrome & claim the abundance that is your true Divine birthright
How your money pain can actually align you with your purpose (and greater alignment with purpose=greater prosperity)
How to consistently create more meaning and fulfillment with money so that it feeds you at the soul level (that means more joy & contentment)


The Wealthy Money Mindset
The attitude you must have (no question about it) to achieve your dreams of success and happiness
How to start "feeling rich" immediately — regardless of how much money you have
The Mindset MUSTS you need to adopt in order to become more money attractive & wealth magnetic
Fail-proof strategies that take you from working hard to hardly working (when you get these, ease & flow are the dominant reality)
Easy spiritual money practices that make your relationship with money feel easy and abundant
The latest techniques in brain science that can help you accelerate your income faster

PLUS...These Additional BONUSES:


Call recordings are conveniently provided to you so you can download to your favorite listening device and add to your success library to enjoy for years to come.



Kendra is gifted at getting to the heart of matters
so you can finally clear the way for your money flow.
She available on a more limited basis, so grab
your chance at this opportunity!


This course is not about a new theory or the latest fad to study. It's about healing and transformation. That means that you and your money WILL BE DIFFERENT as a result of our journey together. To guarantee such radical results, you need to take action and implement. I am here to make the process easy for you, and will provide you weekly exercises to guide you through step-by-step. Not only that, you will receive simple guided meditations to help you elevate your money & wealth consciousness.

During this powerful journey, you'll have many "a-ha" moments that will demystify why you've been stuck and struggling. You will get information on how you can specifically move forward manifesting more money, in an authentic and sustainable way.

And by the end of this course, in just 30 days, you'll know exactly what simple steps you need to take to transform your relationship with money...You'll have actively removed *the* major stumbling block to your success!


What If I Don't CARE About Money?


There is NOTHING in your life that is not touched by money. Relationships, career, health.... dreams, lifestyle, peace of mind.

Frankly, if you DON'T care about money, you don't care about your own success and happiness.

If this is true, don't bother reading on. I ONLY work with those who boldly take a stand for themselves, who are willing to do what it takes to raise their standards of joy and wealth. (I'm thinking that's you, right?!)

Now, if what you mean is that you don't care about money because it's not your sole (or soul) focus, I understand.

I realized a few short years back that part of why I struggled with money is because I didn't think it had anything to do with my higher purpose. Candidly, it felt "below me" (just getting real with you). I simply wanted to pursue my spiritual quest and not be bothered with the mundane task of making money.

It didn't work.

So, yeah, you may not be motivated by money. I'm not.

But if you are here, I do know you are motivated by a bigger purpose. Let that be your motive. And let money be a teacher than can guide you to it more fully.

I'm excited to be able to bring you this important course because it's empowering on so many levels. If you are ready to authentically step into your power, then this extraordinary course is for you.

"YES, I'm ready to commit to healing my money pain with
The Medicine of Money
with Kendra!"

When I enroll in this special one-of-a-kind course, I will receive:

  • 4 Seminars
  • MP3 audios of the 4 Seminars so that I can listen to them at my convenience and keep in my success library for years to come
  • Weekly Exercises & Guided Meditations to move beyond theory & into real results
  • FOR FIRST 10 ONLY - "Money Breakthrough Session" with Kendra




SPECIAL for Gentle Women's Uprising!




Two payments of $149

Don't miss it at this affordable price.

Why am I charging so little?

I can confidently say this course is worth much more.

Besides, what kind of price tag do you put on peace of mind?

What I'm about to share with you has taken me 20 years of active and applied healing modalities, a very expensive master's degree, my own "dark night of the soul" and much more.

Some people say when you charge too little, people don't think you value your services (just to be clear... not so with this!)

Here's the deal....

I'm fed up with "business as usual"!

I'm eager to make a real, lasting change for you and others who want to make some big ripples on our awakening planet. And for you to be equipped to do so, you must heal your money issues.

Listen, you can keep trying to acquire more money through the old consciousness, but I can guarantee you, no matter what amount of money you manifest, it will be fleeting and on some level you will always feel a sense of lack.

I'm offering an end to that cycle!

Let's apply "The Medicine of Money" to your life and business and watch the miracles unfold!

To your extraordinary success,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

ps. I'm ready to reveal this revolutionary new approach to money because I know it's time to get real so you can put down your money pain and pick up your money pleasure.

In January I went to Guatemala with my mom and a vision team through an organization called Common Hope. Common Hope promotes opportunity in Guatemala, partnering with children, families, and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, health care, and housing.

My mission is to eradicate poverty and reunite humanity with wealth consciousness.

So 10% of the income from the Medicine of Money will go toward the children and families we will be supporting on this trip.

Your choice to uplevel your money empowers you AND others.

Deliberate investing in expansion creates a ripple on the planet. THIS is the new wealth.