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3 Bold Tips For Immediate Abundance

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I’m in Atlanta for a kick off event with my coach for a year long program.

I’m really stretching as I leap into the next level of my purpose, platform & prosperity.

I LOVE that about being an entrepreneur… always on the cutting edge of expansion.

Speaking of expansion… check out this new pic!

One of the things I did this fall as part of my UP-leveling is get new professional photo’s taken.

How will YOU up-level in 2013?

Leave a message and let me know.

Also, I’m bringing back an article I wrote earlier this year… ENJOY!


3 Bold Tips For Immediate Abundance

You still suffering from the not enough syndrome?


You can change your scarcity into abundance in a matter of minutes.


First you’ve got to remember… YOU are the creator. Not the economy. Not your lover. Not your family. Not your religion. Not money.

With that reality check in place, let’s get on with the tips.


When I returned from Nigeria, Africa several years ago, I had a real “come to Jesus” moment regarding my so called short comings.

I realized that I had used my insecurities, doubts and fears around not being good enough, people not liking me, not wanting to make mistakes, hiding my shame…. blah, blah, blah… to stay small.

After seeing the poverty and corruption first hand in another part of the world, I just kept hearing, “Get over yourself!”

So, you’re not perfect? You’re terrified of being seen? You worry that others’ will find out you have a dark side?  You had a terrible past? You fart?

Welcome to humanity. Get over yourself!


People tell their story all the time.

You know that one that you repeat over and over through the years. Oh, there might be a different character here and there, but most likely there’s a woah-is-me theme.
At the risk of sounding insensitive (yes, you may already be gearing up to make your case about how bad it really is and why I wouldn’t understand how hard it is)…

It’s time for a new story…NOW.

Now, on a spiritual level, you did come in to learn something from that experience. The problem is, you’re spinning in victim consciousness, so you think something bad happened to you, and you’re failing to see the bigger message or growth.

The reason challenges that you think you should be over by now repeat themselves is that you haven’t received the lesson.

So identify it. Get on with the lesson!  (I teach you your “Money-Soul Lesson” during the Medicine of Money.)


If you feel scarcity AT ALL in any area of your life, it’s because you’ve forgotten who you really are.

You are an expression of Source, of Spirit, of the Divine.

As such, you have the power to create and manifest according to your intent.

Not only that, you already have WITHIN you that which you aspire to feel and acquire outside of you.

See, many religions teach that God/Source/Creator is outside of you… some entity that is watching you, judging you, testing you. (Yeah, I may push some buttons. Bring it on.)

One of the problems that stems from this belief is a feeling of separation. You feel separate from abundance because you feel separate from your source.

You are actually one with it. Feel it now, “I AM ONE WITH MY ABUNDANCE!”

Got it? Okay then. Get on with living through your true nature!

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